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About Us

iProtect Trust Accounting specialises in Trust Administration and Accounting. We have a committed, educated and accredited team that will assist you in optimising your asset protecting structures as much as possible.

Annual Financial Statements, for each year ended 28 February, are required for tax purposes by SARS. Trusts are liable to submit two provisional returns and an annual return every year.

At iProtect Trust Accounting we use a Trust Specific Accounting Program developed for Trust Administration and Trust Accounting.

Protect Trust Accounting Clients will receive a user-name and password to gain access to our Accounting System where they can view and upload trust documents and be actively involved with their trust administration with the needed assistance and guidance.
  Client Functions on our Web-based Accounting System:
  1. Add/Edit Personal Information
  2. Add/Edit Trust Information
  3. Add/Edit Broker Information
  4. Upload and Save Trust Documents
  5. Upload Documents Required for Annual Financial Statements
  6. Download Annual Financial Statements and Trust Documents
  7. Incident Log (Direct Communication with Accounting Staff with a History on each Incident logged)

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Our Services:
  1. Asset List : Deed of Donation and Letter of Sale (Donation Declaration: SARS)
  2. Preparation of documentation for Income Tax Registration of the Trust at SARS
  3. Auditors Report
  4. Letter of Solvency
  5. Proof of Income Tax Registration
  6. Submission of Provisional Tax and Annual Tax Returns on Efiling
  7. Annual Financial Statements
  8. Advise on Distributions and Flow of Funds
  9. Tax Advise and Planning for the Trust
  10. Trust Advise, Meetings, Phone Calls and Email
  11. Risk and Estate Planning


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